How to play wav files in steam games.

Credit goes to Abvex for bring this third party software to light.

This is a software that allows you to play wav files with the games you want to play it also launchs it.

I do not in anyway claim rights to this software as I did not develop it.

Starcraft 2 open beta

Starcraft 2 open beta

You can apply for open beta at the current site

Beta requires 1 game registered with cd key to activate

Also you would need to install a small program which will send your computer specs to blizzard so they can see the specs they are beta testing there game on

From what I see its randomly selected

Triple Monitor Game play without breaking the bank

As you all may know you can get a device which allows you to connect up to 3 monitors to a computer the matrox triplehead2go. The problem is the device is expensive. Your looking at around 200-300 bucks.

Why pay so much if you can get a software which can do it? SoftTH

You can download that at:
very good instructions at:

Here is some games for example You will still need the 3 monitors of course also you would need 2 video cards(videos):

Will starcraft 2 be nuked just like starcraft ghost?

0% (0 votes)
60% (3 votes)
40% (2 votes)
Total votes: 5
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Killer Had a History of Mental Illness **UPDATED - 01/05/2010**

The killers mother said, "He doesn't like the kids playing games."

Beware the Backseat Gamer

I would like to submit to you a profile. This profile is of a person. It is possible that this person has never played one game on any system, much less played it well. On the other end of the spectrum, this person may very well have played many games on many platforms. Either way, this person has no problem at all ruining your gaming experience, because whether or not this person has played the game you’re playing, he just knows more than you do. This is the Backseat Gamer.

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Is the mobile game space ready for an online community?

Gaming on mobile devices is getting more and more popular, yet mobile game community services have not. Some may attribute this to mobile gaming not yet being mature enough for such a community. I attribute this to no one doing the community aspect right so far.

Read on for who can get the job done.

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Left 4 Dead on a "Crash Course" - New DLC released (Gameplay Videos Included)

Today Valve released what will most likely be the last major update for Left 4 Dead. This release was a few gameplay tweaks and updates along with the Crash Course Campaign which is available in campaign, versus and survival game modes.
Naturally I jumped right into a game as soon as the update was complete. Videos of the gameplay further into the article.

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The Inspiration to Will Wright's Work

As Will Wright continues to to inspire others, one has to ask, "Who inspires Will Wright?"

Controllerless Gameplay is coming sooner than you think.

Imagine playing a fighting game and being able to hit your opponent. Even better, you’re playing a sports game that actually simulates you to hitting the ball based on the motion of your hands. How about painting a picture on a virtual canvas? You probably think I’m talking about the Wii. Now imagine doing all of this without smacking your roommate with a remote (although I do find that to be a bit of fun in itself). What I ‘m talking about is Project Natal.

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