Killer Had a History of Mental Illness **UPDATED - 01/05/2010**

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The killers mother said, "He doesn't like the kids playing games."

The killer, Alejandro Morales, was left alone with the victim, Anthony Maldonado, while Morales' brothers left the victim behind to get food at 3AM New Years Day and did not want to expose the 9 year old to the cold night air.

Sources say Police believe the boy was killed by Alejandro Morales when he snapped after a night of being teased by his brothers.

"They were playing video games earlier in the night, but it looks like this guy just got tired of getting picked on and took out his anger on the kid,"

Morales, who underwent a psychiatric evaluation yesterday at Bellevue Hospital, has a history of mental illness, police sources said. His mother told Anthony's family and detectives that her son is schizophrenic, according to the sources.


There were warning signs.

"He told his psychiatrist he was not feeling well, that he felt like he may hurt somebody, kill somebody."


[SOURCE] - 01/05/2010