Starcraft 2 Achievements

Starcraft 2 has similar features like some valve games with achievements. I was finally able to finish winning 3 times in a roll with a quick match game for 1v1. This is pretty hard because you don't get to choose who you play against also the map is random. So even if the person your playing against isn't so good, but if the map gives them the edge can really turn things around.

Also you might be playing against someone with the same race who might be better and you need to win 3 times in a roll. They also did a few updates which made it harder. Example I was trying to get it with Terran. After winning 2 that day I went to play the next day blizzard added an update to reduce the hp of the SCV's from 50 to 45. I normally use the SCV to stop the ling rushes from the Zerg.

Well it does not have to be 3 wins of the same race, but most of the time you get comfortable with one and you stick to it.

So what does getting the achievement do you get to unlock secret icons you can use. Also it looks like they have some type of point system. I finished with the 3 achievements for competitive so far there appears to be a lot more. Also it looks like they will add more in the future.

There is some pictures below.



Solo Quick Match

Team Quick Match

Feat of Strength