PSN Publishers Get Incentive to be Exclusive

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Recently we outlined how the Sony bandwidth fee helps Sony and self publishers, Now, Sony sheds more light on the subject.


Sony is offering to match Self-Publishers development budget who develop games for PSN in exchange for exclusivity. In addition, the exclusivity DOES NOT include control of said title or IP rights.

"A really important thing to point out is that this is not first-party publishing, this is not Sony buying your product," , Sony's development relations manager, stated Chris Eden.

"You'll be the publisher, you'll own the IP and you'll control your product. This is assisting you to make your next step from developer to publisher."

Sony is making broad brush strokes in defining PSN as the platform of choice for new developers and IP as well as building a foundation of loyalty in its publishers. If the grass is greener on PSN side, why go else where?