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What does a Gearbox HomeWorld mean to fans?

Recently Gearbox software purchased the intellectual property for Home World from the the THQ auctions. For those that are not familiar with Home World, it is a real time strategy series that takes place in space and allows you to move units on all 3 dimensions of movements as would be allowed in space. The good news is for Home World series fans is that the series gets a new lease on life. The bad news is that the developer already went to someone else in a different sale of the auction. Relic entertainment, the studio that brought this revolutionary RTS to the world was already sold to Sega by the time the IP for Home World became available.

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Critique of Battlefield 4 playthrough

Critique of Battlefield 4 playthrough

Right from the start, you are in a bad predicament but how you got there is the meat of the story.

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PS4 Meeting - Editor Donald's Reaction

PS4 Meeting

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PlayStation Announcement Live Reactions (Updated - Pics)

Here, the editors of 2020gamer will be posting their reactions as they watch Sony's live stream of the PlayStation event at 6:00pm EST (all time stamps will be in EST):

And the show is over. Hit up the forums. Let us know what you think.
8:20PM Marc - So the PS4 is now essentially a PC with a custom OS, and bungie is now onboard. Makes you wonder what other news they will be dropping during E3.
8:00PM Donald - Halo creator, Bungie, takes the stage with Destiny annnnnd drops the mic. Not sure why they brought the suite of Execs but... Okay? I guess they what to put on a show of support?

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PlayStation Announcement Today

In case you have been under a rock or hibernating some place, there is a major event today at 6pm EST for the next PlayStation. Stay tuned to 2020 Gamer for news, reactions and comments for today's event.
In a build up to this event, Sony has a released a series of videos depicting the history of the PlayStation brand and products. Below you will find of these videos:

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PAX 2012: Is it worth it? (Update)

[Editors note: video has been added]

Since we went over how to prepare last year, we will take a look at some of the events going on this
year, and determine once again, if it was worth it.

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A return to form

I apologize for the lack of new content recently. As some of you may have notice, we have had an issue with spammers creating numerous accounts and multiple spam posts to go with each. Now that we have tended to that issue we can resume doing what we do best, bring you gaming content from a consumers point of view.

Thank you for your patience,

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Site changes.

Changes will be made to the site over the next few weeks, so do expect to see downtime. This will be done in stages to minimize impact to site viewers.

Thank you for your time and understanding,

Counter Strike Go

I received a counter strike go beta key recently and was very excited as a counter strike fan, but after registering the key I realized that the beta is delayed. On the card it says beta in October, but we are in November. Not sure what is going on, but I am looking forward to making videos for it once the beta is released. As of now steam messages states that it is not ready yet. The beta key card is a holographic card if you turn it a bit you will see a counter terrorist and if you turn it a bit more you will see terrorist pretty neat. Stay tune for the videos once the beta is out.

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